Dortmund: What’s going on with Marco Reus

For three consecutive games, Marco Reus was disappointing. The problem is not only that he does not score or create, but that he does not contribute to the attacking front of the team. Before the start of the 2015-16 season, Reus was considered the only hope left in Dortmund’s attack. In the first matches, Reus still

Brazil canceled a friendly match with Thailand

Representative of the Thailand Football Association (FAT) has announced an international friendly match with the Brazilian team was unexpectedly canceled. A few days ago, the Thai team received an invitation to play friendlies from the Brazilian team during the FIFA Day international friendly. Siam Sports newspaper revealed that head coach Akira Nishino nodded in agreement

Ronaldo and Messi almost became teammates

In the latest share, Cristiano Ronaldo admits he may have moved to Barcelona, ​​or Arsenal if United are not aggressive in the summer of 2003. Sharing with TVI, Ronaldo said: “I have been contacted by many clubs while playing for Sporting Lisbon. Valencia is one of them, I even talked to Arsene Wenger about moving

FIFA Online 4 announced squad Team Of The Year 2019

Since the time of FIFA Online 4 sports game announced a shortlist of 55 outstanding players in 2019 to vote for the year lineup – Team Of The Year 2019. On January 7, 2019, the squad Team Of The Year 2019 was announced by Electronic Arts with 11 outstanding names in the world of football

Man City towards the great hat-trick

English history book will be honored to be named Man City in the most important position if teachers Pep Guardiola continue to dominate the Premier League season 2019/20. Since 8 years ago, Man City was a noisy neighbor in Man United’s eyes, making a name for himself with an empty history of the Premier League championship,

The captain of Brazil has made unprecedented achievements in history

The championship trophy is not the only title that Brazilian players get in the 2019 Copa America. The title “Best Player Copa America 2019” belongs to Dani Alves. At the age of 36, the Brazilian captain entered Copa America history as the oldest player to win this personal award. Before Dani Alves, Enzo Francescoli and

Ibrahimovic names himself in 11 of his favorite squad positions

Ibrahimovic names himself in 11 of his favorite squad positionsThe Swedish player skipped both the idol of Ronaldo “fat” to fill himself in every position in the favorite team. On the personal page, Zlatan Ibrahimovic picked out his favorite 11-player squad. The former squad has no former teammate Lionel Messi, idol Ronaldo de Lima, but

Gerard Pique acquired another club in Spain

The Barca midfielder was close to completing the necessary procedures to own the Gimnastic de Manresa club. This is the second team in  Spain that will be owned by Pique. At the end of last year, former star Manchester United bought large numbers of FC Andorra club shares. Pique’s intention is clear, he wants to

Liverpool to Europe’s top: Powerful Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool convincingly reached Europe, after the Champions League final that Jurgen Klopp excelled. Liverpool and Tottenham are no stranger. Particularly in the 2018-19 season, there were 6 goals scored in the confrontations between the two Premier League teams. On the pitch Wanda Metropoli in Madrid, Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino are all active in selecting

Proposal to establish ASEAN team to attend the 2034 World Cup

When ASEAN countries plan to apply for the 2034 World Cup, there is an idea that it is necessary to gather the strongest players of 10 countries to create an ASEAN team. At the ASEAN Summit held on June 23, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said leaders in Southeast Asia had pledged to support the