Man City towards the great hat-trick

English history book will be honored to be named Man City in the most important position if teachers Pep Guardiola continue to dominate the Premier League season 2019/20. Since 8 years ago, Man City was a noisy neighbor in Man United’s eyes, making a name for himself with an empty history of the Premier League championship, now just need to continue winning the season 2019/20, “The Citizens” will become the second team in Premier League history to sit on the throne for three consecutive seasons.

And Man City fans have the right to be proud if teachers and Pep Guardiola continue to dominate the Premier League, which is likely to be the biggest hat-trick in the history of the tournament, demonstrating the domination even terrible. even worse than Man United’s prosperous period.

Man City huong toi cu hat-trick vi dai hinh anh 3

That greatness was created by undeniable persuasion in the way Man City stepped onto the throne. In the 2017/18 season, Man City won with 100 points, breaking through their own 19 records and becoming the highest score winner in history. Last season, the Blue Man beat the team to the second most points in Premier League history for the second time in the championship.

With two consecutive seasons winning 100 points and 98 points, Man City are the owners of the two most-rated and second-place championships in Premier League history. It is the greatness that even those who hate Man City the most do not deny it. Entering the 2019/20 season, will the Green Man be able to win the championship hat-trick?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Man City

In the last phase of last season, to be able to surpass Liverpool, the Green Man must win 14 consecutive matches, and they have done it. This winning circuit demonstrates the great stability of City even in the context that Pep Guardiola does not have the best materials to create that stability.

If Guardiola can create such a terrifying stability with the most powerful squad, there is no reason Man City has failed in the 2019/20 season when unstable links have been reinforced. Fernandinho’s position will be replaced by the central midfielder Rodri, who promises to surpass Sergio Busquet’s level.