FIFA Online 4 announced squad Team Of The Year 2019

Since the time of FIFA Online 4 sports game announced a shortlist of 55 outstanding players in 2019 to vote for the year lineup – Team Of The Year 2019. On January 7, 2019, the squad Team Of The Year 2019 was announced by Electronic Arts with 11 outstanding names in the world of football in 2018, these players not only have high performance in 2018 but are also extremely successful in conquering trophies. Certainly the list of 11 players is indispensable for names like Ronaldo, Messi or Modric.

The year 2018 has been a very exciting year of world football with the 2018 World Cup event surprising and making a name for many players like Luka Modric, Mbappe and Eden Hazard. It is because of that that the selection of the best team in 2019 also becomes much more difficult, in some positions such as attacking midfielder in FIFA Online 4 football game with too many names to have Honestly, really to give a name is very “at fault” with other players.Thủ thành Tây Ban Nha David De Gea 

However, over the last few rounds EA also got a list for Team Of The Year 2019, this is definitely the best player with formidable indicators in FIFA Online 4 and will create the market. vibrant transfer in this 2019.

If only for the 2018 World Cup, David De Gea has had a failed season with the Spanish team, but he has excelled in Manchester United colors so David De Gea’s name on the list The 11 best players of 2019 need not say too much. With his superior height, the longest hand in the goalkeeper and the clever judgment of the situation made David De Gea increasingly assert his class.Raphaël Varane trung vệ Pháp

The defense of the Red Devils has never been so sure that with David De Gea games not playing, their goals must be much higher. Therefore, MU is very worried when he can not renew the contract David De Gea even though the contract will expire in the summer of 2019 here. David De Gea has overcome many outstanding names like Allison Becker, Thibaut Courtois to seize the goal in FIFA Online 4.