Football, the beautiful game around which the world revolves, is, without doubt, the best creation which we are blessed with. Those who love the sport have a long list of reasons why they would eat, live and breathe the game. And, it is always a good time to have a football chat.

This site is created especially for people who know about the game and its beauty; people who would no doubt frown at the use of the term ‘soccer’ to refer to this sport. The purpose of this site is to look at the game in three dimensions: the past, the now, and the future.

Legendary Football Players

The game has witnessed some great players over different generations. People who were outstanding on the pitch for various reasons. Others who were exciting characters because of their off-pitch antics. This site takes a look at a few of these stars, without whom a football story cannot be complete.

Current Football Legends

Who are the living football legends who we are blessed to see in action on this day? You probably have a guess, but are they really the same as the editor picks here? Welcome to a revelation.

Upcoming Stars

The game is here to stay, and there are numerous starlets lined up to pick up the mantle and carry it to the future. This site looks at those who are likely to have that privilege, and what makes them so unique that they can be bestowed with this great honour.

Welcome aboard!