Dortmund: What’s going on with Marco Reus

For three consecutive games, Marco Reus was disappointing. The problem is not only that he does not score or create, but that he does not contribute to the attacking front of the team. Before the start of the 2015-16 season, Reus was considered the only hope left in Dortmund’s attack. In the first matches, Reus still played not bad, even scored a total of 6 goals. But last time was a completely different story.

On August 15, Marco Reus and Dortmund opened the season before the seemingly tough opponent Moenchengladbach. But Reus shone with a goal, an assist and Die Borussen to launch the great success when winning Gladbach 4-0. In the next round, Reus still played well, this time scoring 1 goal in a 4-0 victory over Ingolstadt.

Marco Reus đang có phong độ rất thấp

But it was also the last time people saw the image of an ordinary Marco-Reus. In the next match, Dortmund beat Hertha Berlin 3-1, but Reus played extremely faint during 79 minutes of presence on the pitch.

Back at club level, Reus had to miss 3 matches, including 2 in the Bundesliga and 1 in the Europa League. It must be emphasized that, during this period, Dortmund still showed a relatively stable face. Young players like Jonas Hofmann, Adnan Januzaj as well as “professional reserves” Adrian Ramos and Park Joo-Ho all play very well when the opportunity comes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Marco Reus

On 24/9, Dortmund guest on the pitch of Hoffenheim. Reus was disappointed and had to leave the field after 54 minutes. This was also the first match they dropped points in the season, losing first place to Bayern Munich. Three days later, Reus played even worse and had to leave the field after 59 minutes.

Dortmund were held to a draw, this time by newly promoted club Darmstadt, the gap with Bayern widened. It was a match in which Dortmund only finished the goal 4/16 times. It is impossible to say that Reus was not responsible.