Ronaldo and Messi almost became teammates

In the latest share, Cristiano Ronaldo admits he may have moved to Barcelona, ​​or Arsenal if United are not aggressive in the summer of 2003.

Sharing with TVI, Ronaldo said: “I have been contacted by many clubs while playing for Sporting Lisbon. Valencia is one of them, I even talked to Arsene Wenger about moving to Arsenal.”

“I also talked to Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and even Barcelona. But after a friendly against Man United, a club that had been interested in me before, they accelerated the negotiation process and signed a contract with me, “recalls Ronaldo.

In 2003, Ronaldo officially joined MU from Sporting Lisbon. When he was a potential player, Ronaldo received many invitations from the big guys in the world. If you agree to join Barcelona, ​​do not rule out the possibility that CR7 will become Messi’s partner later.

Ronaldo va Messi suyt nua da thanh dong doi hinh anh 1

But instead, MU is his stop and the fact proves that this is the right step of the Portuguese player. Under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson, Ronaldo has grown tremendously in 6 years at Old Trafford, reaching the highest level of the football world.

Seeing Ronaldo succeed, many teams will feel regretful because when he couldn’t recruit him, one of them was Arsenal. Arsene Wenger once shared that he wanted to bring the 18-year-old player back to London.

Former Arsenal boss said: “At that time Ronaldo went with his mother and we were very close to owning him. But Manchester United appeared and they had coach Carlos Queiroz. United played friendly with Sporting and Ronaldo played brilliantly. So they signed a contract with him. ”

“You try to imagine that Arsenal had Ronaldo running alongside Henry. If that happens, Arsenal’s history when I was a coach may have changed a little,” Wenger regrets.

However, the reservations made Arsenal unable to buy Ronaldo. Former coach Wenger revealed he was about to have Ronaldo for £ 4.5m, but MU jumped in and stacked £ 12m on the negotiating table, causing the deal to reverse.