The Australian champions suddenly lost the 2019 Asian Cup

Despite suffering many injuries due to injury but the Australian defending champion was still higher than Jordan in the opening match in the 2019 Asian Cup Group B. On FIFA charts, Australia ranked 38th while Jordan ranked 109th.

However, the developments on Hazza bin Zayed did not follow that rule. The weaker Jordan didn’t show any fear before Australia. The West Asian team accepts to give control of the ball to Australia so that they can perform counter-attacks through a low-drawn squad.

In the first half, it was only 27%, but Jordan created three shots on the Australian goal while the defending champion only once threatened Shafei goal keeper. Australia’s playstyle is quite monotonous and shows complete deadlock against Jordan’s dense and well-organized defense. In the 27th minute, Jordan penalized a free-kick with Australia’s free kick with a perfect corner kick on the left flank for Bani Yaseen to head the ball into the top corner. Minutes later, Jordan once again handed the ball to Australia.

DKVD Australia bat ngo thua tran ra quan Asian Cup 2019 hinh anh 1

Entering the second half, Australia has made changes and has partly demonstrated a brighter face when successfully reaching the Jordan goal. However, until now, the Asian Cup champions could not score because of the lack of sharpness in attack.

There are at least 3 situations in the second half, the Australian player has the ball in an empty position in the restricted area but ends up in the sky. The Jordanian side remained faithful to the majority defense and speed-based counterattack. And that attempt was obviously effective when Australia did not dare to overpower the team because they were worried about receiving a “face-to-face” attack.

After the match, Australia lost 0-1. The Asian Cup champions temporarily took the last place in Group B. Meanwhile, Jordan got 3 points and took a big step forward in winning the knockout round.