Visiting FIFA World Football Museum

Zurich city – a famous tourist destination of Switzerland – now that has an additional attractive address when left on the occasion of the 2018 World Cup. It’s the FIFA World Football Museum.

In the middle of March, when traveling to Zurich, after visiting the world-famous university stretching on the high hillside, tasting many delicious chocolates, sipping a glass of wine made from the specific Chasselas grape variety. of Switzerland …, a group of 14 guests of Discover The World Vietnam enjoyed an extra interesting time.

Walking by the banks of Lake Zurich, our group passed by a large, magnificent building that used to be the workplace of the most senior officials of the FIFA World Football Organization, before the bribery scandal. Oh, money laundering … led Mr. Sepp Blatter to resign as chairman in 2016.


Then across the buildings of the great companies that helped make Switzerland famous as the territory of global finance, insurance and reinsurance … Finally we went to the Football Museum. FIFA World, which stores and displays more than 1,000 artifacts associated with the 88-year history of its foundation and operation.

On the circles that make up the “fire pan” (named Rainbow) is the shirt of each national team. Many of you are eager to find out the red shirt of the Vietnamese team, some other friends quickly discovered and took photos of the shirts of the eight teams that had won the FIFA gold cup and talked about the number of times they have won the trophy. win “.

Being in the world-famous country with the expertise of tunneling, high-pass drilling, and large cave deletion, it’s not surprising that we were guided the next attraction is the space deep in the ground.

Khoảnh khắc vinh quang của Mexico 1986 và France 1998

It is the space called The Foundations of FIFA World Cup, which can be defined as the “heart” of the Museum. Because all of the most valuable, most historic and unique in the football world are on display here.

100% sure that all those who consider themselves a loyal fan of football will have ecstatic moments when they turn over in front of the memorabilia that have been associated with the names of famous players. , respectable referees, football fields here and there in the world have been the place of competition for Pelé, Fontaine, Maradona, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Socrates, Zagallo, Zico, Platini, Klinsmann, Ronaldo …