How much does the world cup 2018 weight weigh

The 2018 World Cup has passed a year and left a lot of impression on the viewers but many football enthusiasts still have questions like “how much does the World Cup 2018 weight” standards mean? , which criteria help that ball be selected by FIFA

The soccer ball used in the 2018 World Cup is called Telstar 18 by the famous sports manufacturer Adidas. The Telstar 18 Ball is an upgraded version of the Telstar Elast ball first introduced by Adidas in 1968 at the Euro Championship in Italy.

The Telstar 18 ball came to the 2018 World Cup with many compliments from the goalkeepers of the participating teams. Many goalkeepers believe that the weight of the 2018 World Cup ball affects the ball’s path and direction in competition. Let’s take a look at the test of the 2018 world cup soccer balls to the ability to maintain shape in the top games of the world.

Many of you probably do not know, in order to become a football ball for the biggest football tournament in the World Cup in 2018, Telstar 18 must undergo a lot of tests, such as a monster furnace in Switzerland. Switzerland is the country where the world football federation chooses to send gold to check the weight of the world cup 18 ball as well as other standards such as the standard size of the soccer ball used in each match, the material and other related factors.

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The standard volume of the 2018 World Cup ball is very important in major football tournaments. Because the weight of the 2018 World Cup football will determine the free kicks, the attacks of the players and goalkeepers. So the question of how much the 2018 World Cup ball weighs is not only for the viewers but also for the players or goalkeepers.

According to FIFA World Football Association standards, the Telstar 18 ball is weighed 9 times. Experts from Switzerland will take 3 balloon samples to be tested, measure each fruit 3 times in grams and have an accuracy of up to 3 decimal places, then the average of 9 measurements. After 9 measurements will be the exact result that the weight of the 2018 World Cup ball weighs between 420 and 445 grams.