A Image Poor Lionel Messi in Argentina team

When the Argentina team failed, Lionel Messi always became the focus of criticism from football fans. The Argentine team played the second match of the 2019 Copa America and looked like a custom, it was all about Lionel Messi. The words of Argentine Football Federation spokesman (AFA) Nicolas Russo suddenly said: “When Argentina won, the whole team was present at the celebration.

When Argentina failed, the plane took the country team to land with only Lionel Messi. Why Messi must be responsible for explaining the collective failure. AFA Chairman Claudio Tapia himself acknowledged right away in the evaluation of Messi, the Argentine public opinion is divided into two factions quite well. One side sees M10 as the savior of Argentine football. The other side devoted his life to statistics on Messi ‘s mistakes and waited for him to fail to launch all.

Recently, the account named Samuel Ameh raises controversy when comparing the contributions of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to the national team and concludes: M10 is actually not a team like the press.

In the recent 23 Portuguese players, Ronaldo scored 88 goals for the team, and 22 players together scored 33 goals. Of the 23 Argentine players attending Copa this time, Messi scored 67 goals for the team, but the remaining 22 players scored 74 goals. Through this statistic, Samuel Ameh wants to prove that Ronaldo is really a team player, and that is why Portugal won the EURO and Nations League. Meanwhile, Messi usually only shines in front of small teams.

Lionel Messi toi nghiep o doi tuyen Argentina hinh anh 1

To reinforce this assertion, the media adds statistics. Since the last notable Copa America championship in 1993, Argentina has participated in five finals including four Copa America and the World Cup final (2014). Messi contributed 4 in 5 of these matches. He failed to score, and Argentina lost everything.

In the eyes of many Argentine fans, Messi is more like a European player than carrying South American blood. He left his hometown too early, practiced lesson plans, became friends with European players, living like a European. With Messi, Argentina is only a responsibility, an obligation, not a passion.