Bruno Fernandes rescued MU before West Ham

MU was not a true team in the match against West Ham until Bruno Fernandes strode on the London field. Scenario of the second failure in a few days has passed before the eyes of coaches and students Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

At the moment of despair, Bruno Fernandes reappeared and saved the Manchester representative. MU played better since Fernandes was introduced into the field by coach Solskjaer in the second half. He became the glue that binds a discrete team, lacking vitality and creativity.

Before MU was saved by Fernandes, they had 3 finishing situations in the first half. After the break between the two halves, the number of shots on Lukasz Fabianski’s goal of the visitors increased to 8.

Squakwa pointed out that Fernandes had 44 touches of the ball, created eight chances, successfully stole the ball four times and made one assists. These statistics completely outperform the MU team.

Because he did not want the pillars to be overloaded, coach Solskjaer was forced to rotate the squad. Meet West Ham, the Norwegian strategist to Fernandes and Marcus Rashford on the bench.

However, coach Solskjaer’s beliefs have been misplaced. MU cannot live without Fernandes. The midfielder is too important for the club. A bias will appear if the number 18 is not on the field.

Coach Solskjaer gave Paul Pogba and Donny van de Beek the opportunity to control the midfield of MU. However, they lacked excellent qualities like Fernandes, leading to MU experiencing bad first half.

West Ham completely dominated the game and should have scored more than 1 goal. The Hammers are not engaging, but are effective enough to create difficulties for the opponent. In the match against Southampton, MU also ended the first 45 minutes in the lead.

When meeting West Ham, the Manchester City representative kicked a deadlock and could not find a solution that could overcome the host. Edinson Cavani is still trying very hard, but the Uruguayan striker is always hungry.

Anthony Martial has a quality finish, but that is also what is most remarkable about striker Les Bleus. Van de Beek and Pogba are completely divided and unable to find a good connection in passes.

MU’s problems are only solved when Fernandes appears. It was the Portuguese midfielder who created Pogba to score. Good tactical vision also helped the number 18 create sharp blows, knocking West Ham defense.