Winning Arsenal opens the door for Liverpool’s reserves

The performance of young Liverpool players against Arsenal shows that they deserve to be trusted in the coming time. On the morning of October 31, Liverpool faced Arsenal in the fourth round of the English League Cup at Anfield. Coach Juergen Klopp decided to give 11 starting players against Tottenham and use many strange names for fans.

However, this team still has a good position against Arsenal, although coach Unai Emery launched a strong squad. Names like Harvey Elliott or Curtis Jones show that they can play in the last 2 months of the year, when Liverpool face a tight schedule.

“If the organizers can’t find a suitable date, then how can Liverpool play? At that time, they have to find another team for us to play in the quarterfinals. It could be Arsenal, or any name. “, Coach Klopp shared in a press conference after the match against Arsenal.

Chien thang Arsenal mo ra co hoi cho dan du bi cua Liverpool hinh anh 2

However, Liverpool do not need to be too worried when they only meet 3 annoying rivals Man City, Leicester City and Napoli. In the remaining games, Klopp can give opportunities for young talents or regular players.

Last season, Liverpool also encountered a big team, Chelsea in the League Cup, but no young players are playing. Sadio Mane still plays and the replacement is Jordan Henderson, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah. He still kept the pillars as a backup plan.

Chien thang Arsenal mo ra co hoi cho dan du bi cua Liverpool hinh anh 1

Meanwhile, 11 main players in the Tottenham 2-1 victory in round 11 were not included in the registration list by Klopp in the Arsenal confrontation. It proves that he put all his faith in the young players. And they show that they deserve this.

After the match, midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain shared that he is proud of the young players’ performance. But he also impressed with a super-long shot. The last three matches, the former Arsenal player scored 3 goals thanks to this dangerous weapon.