Budweiser and Messi spread the message not to step back

Messi believes that success is not based on luck, but from relentless efforts. Football fans breathed a sigh of relief when Messi decided to stay in Barcelona. This choice once again makes football fans more admire the journey to the top, constantly overcoming the limit.

Not long after that, Budweiser – the world’s leading beer brand – announced a partnership with the male player, honoring his non-stop efforts throughout his career. Along with the historic handshake, Budweiser released the short film They Drunk to spread the message of “the king does not step back” to global football fans.

Born not the best, Messi has a strong belief that he can be better every day. His determination, relentless efforts and ambition to become an excellent player helped him reach the pinnacle of the king’s sport from humble beginnings. For Messi, success is a long process and does not come overnight or luck, coincidence.

Compared to a generation of players of his age, Messi received many awards with 6 Golden Balls, 10 national championships, 6 domestic cup wins, 4 European cups. La Liga and the first player in history to win 6 European Golden Shoes.

This belief and value also exists throughout the history of establishment and development of the Budweiser brand. Born out of Adolphus Busch’s ambition to create the world’s best American beer, the brand started with a small brewery in St. Petersburg.

Louis, Missouri, USA. With its commitment, perseverance and special production process, Budweiser is world-famous with more than 140 years of history and smooth and premium beer. Messi is also Budweiser’s latest ambassador after big names like La Liga star Sergio Ramos, Marcelo.

Not only that, the brand continues to accompany the king sport through official partner contracts of La Liga, the Premier League – the two top soccer leagues in the world. In addition, Budweiser has been an official partner for more than 30 years with the FIFA World Cup.